Returning/Newbro - 8m SP(explo)-> future Logi. 0-12:00 playtime(eve)

Semi-experience jspace explorer, basically all I did in my couple month stint was hop into Signal Cartel and went WH diving and got bored with only soloing and no clue really where to go next, so I quit. Now I’m back, hungry for some harder math than the other MMOs that I’ve been bouncing around on and finally landed on Logi and EleWar here in Eve.

Who I am:
28 year old dude from the US. MMO vet and been an online gamer since the day I got a PC. Played just about every online fantasy rpg game from diablo 2 up through FFXIV and just a general gamer since I got my first game boy. I’ve always played some sort of CC/Support class in most of them and that role here in Eve looks like the most fulfilling thing for me. I’m pretty much a complete scrub besides the WH explo stuff, I’ve always been pretty good about getting away with a good haul. I am definitely in need of a Logi-guru to apprentice under until I get the full scope of what it entails, then I’ll start crunchin numbers and find the best way I can fit into whatever group I play find.

What I’m looking for:

  • Corporation that falls under the umbrella of a larger alliance. If I’m going to be running mostly Logi this time around I’d like to be able to just find a group sooner rather than later.
  • Active(at least half English speaking, my fondest memories are playing with JP comrades) members between the hours of 0:00-12:00 Eve Time (within an hour or so of variation).
  • Theorycrafters: I’m big on numbers, and crave people to ■■■■■■■■ around with about them. I’m a sweaty/tryhard at heart and I’m a stickler for efficiency.
  • Mature environment: memes are cool and all, but in group content I have a pretty serious mindset and would like the people I’m playing with to be like-minded. I’m all good with people making jokes and shootin the ■■■■, but I prize efficiency and success. Some people have limited time to put towards hobbies like Eve, so I’d prefer my time to be spent getting ■■■■ done as opposed to ■■■■■■■ off(not to say I don’t enjoy “fun”).
  • Experienced leadership.
  • Actively used voice comms: I’m not too big on following the chat log as I’m usually always keeping my eyes busy on more important ■■■■, so the active and concise use of VC is crucial.
    edit - WH/sleeper site partners: I’m fully skilled into relic/data hacking and would love to benefit from sleeper sites but have no combat abilities to do so. Not sure if it’s profitable but it seems like it would be.

Whatever else that I may have forgotten can be figured out when I get into contact with someone!

Best way to contact me is through discord: Ebb#2803

I’ll check replies here as often as possible though. Thanks in advance!

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