6mm SP Missilier/shield looking for corp to help grow into logi role

As the post’s title suggest, I’m a missile slinging son-of-a-launcher that likes sitting behind my shields, chuckling as targets fall at range.

I recognize that I’m new, but I’m an avid reader and quick study. I’m willing to expend some IRL resources to speed up the initial growth curve, and I’m generally available around 7:30pm ET - 9:30pm ET daily. I’m a regular, long time gamer (25 years+ spent playing a wide range of RTS/RPG/FPS/TBS/MMO-types) that anticipates being available at least 5 days a week. That said, I also take my real life seriously so likely won’t be able to spend 24 hour periods logged and loaded. I enjoy long term commitment games, and look forward to a long tenure in Eve.

I’m looking for a primarily english-speaking and seasoned corp with a long term mindset to help me develop my player skills and provide some commentary on fits, etc., with an eye to developing toon skills in the direction of a logi role longer term. I anticipate that this may take a couple of months before I’m fully geared in this direction in terms of SP and ships. Ideally, the corp would help with PvE gangs initially while building up exp and developing skill tree, then allow me to transition to PvP raids. The corp should have some null sec presence and decent alliances.

As far as corpmates, I prefer mature, intelligent adults capable of conversation beyond adolescent shock antics, although a sense of humor is a must.

If responding, please provide some color on your corp’s history, pilot count, territory, long term goals, philosophy, etc. all that fun jazz.

I look forward to hearing from you.



you might do good looking into Red vs Blue or another faction war group.

Howdy, well we are a wormhole Corp, we are beer drinking gamers that have all played together for a while. We are New bro friendly and REal life def comes first plus lots of other stuffs we like to do in game so. Drop by our in game channel for a chat see if wormholes are something you would be interested in. Just drop by Vokira Pub and talk to one of our guys so we hope to hear from you, if not good luck in your search.

Hah - sounds perfect. Sitting here sipping some Heady Topper hazy bro.

Hello Chael Raekin.

You sound as a good fellow to know.
I am Tryme Trymsson and i am currently trying to build up a new thing in eve online long turm.
—>Roleplaying player made lore based upon the eve lore stories & a player government to boot. Recruiting! . Have a read and you might get hooked.

If you got any questions or if i was lacking in [quote=“Chael_Raekin, post:1, topic:177966”]
If responding, please provide some color on your corp’s history, pilot count, territory, long term goals, philosophy, etc. all that fun jazz.
[/quote] then let me know.

Hope to hear from you.
With kind regards, Tryme Trymsson

Bokbok @Chael_Raekin,

You should join us on discord sometime to chat about Fweddit, http://discord.fweddit.space/.

Fweddit is a member of the Free Range Chikuns alliance which is an independent poultry-loving group that specializes in blops drops, cap drops, and small gang fights. We operate mostly during the US and Late EU time zones. We’re looking for pilots to join and come blow up other people’s ships with us.

Join us in our discord so we can chat. Feel free to ping me (@Attack Penguin#0001) in Discord when you join if you want to chat. If I’m not around when you join you can ping any of the other recruiters by typing @Human Resources.

If you want to read more about Fweddit you can check out our ad on the EVE forums at Join Fweddit - Become a Space Chikun! [USTZ].

Hope to speak with you soon!


o/ Chael

I’m the CEO of a relatively junior WH corporation - Critical Horizon - looking for quality over quantity in our new members, and your post definitely piqued my interest in quality. Many newer Eve players believe that J-space has a high barrier of entry, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. I’d love to talk to you in game or our Discord. If we aren’t a good fit for you, we probably know someone who is.

Look forward to hearing from you.


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