Returning pilot lf friendly flyers

I played for a few years and moving around for work has kept me away for about a year so I’m just now able to come back. In the real world, life’s been a bit challenging to be honest lately so I’m hoping to appeal to this community that once took me in to do so again. To put not too fine a point on it I’m hoping to find some friends here to fly with and well, call them friends…
I’m a pretty experienced miner with an on again off again interest in PI and indy. Also, nothing made me happier than to run my salvager through a field of wrecks too when I used to play.
I’m usually poking about around the Moutid area in Tash-Murkon for setting if anyone sees this.

Fly safe everyone and hope to find a friend or two.

Greetings mate! We don’t fly much in that area, but we do so nice fleetings and chatting. If you just want some cool fleets or chat join our comms. If interested send in-game mail plz

hi @Taaya_Altol

welcome back

i am not sure what your post is
its allways goo to make friends for sure but are you looking for a corp or want to saty alone? thats the point i am not really sure

but you can always join the public channel of the corp where i am in and we talk


Thanks Safira, I will

I suppose it was a bit ambiguous Juur. Haha, sorry
I’m open to maybe joining a Corp in time but the primary motivation is to find and make friends. :slight_smile: Fly safe

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hope you make a lot good friends

fly safe


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