Returning Player/Corp looking for Providence alliance

Returned to the game, decided to ressurrect my original corp, and open it up for recruiting newer players, or older returning players.
I hadn’t had fun in a while before I quit, and had the best time when helping others, so I think for my new goal, I’d like to help others in null. I appreciate a few things have changed in the past year or so, so even I have some stuff to catch up one (but I like to read it’s all good)
Basically looking for a Providence based alliance who are willing to have a (currently) 1 man corp (it’s just me and my alts, and a few inactives at present) who are going to be recruiting newer and maybe older players from then on. Even if we end up as more a feeder recruitment corp for another, I’m more than happy with that.
Don’t really want our own stations, or standings etc, merely somewhere to dock, and place to grow…and obviously following the NRDS policy of provi. Intel would be helpful too, but again, not essential as once we have a few members we can do our own if needed.
Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

Hey man,

Were not in provi but we can offer what your looking for. It’s worth the move. Catastrophic Diplomacy is recruiting corps

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