Returning player looking for a corporation

Hello all,

I am a returning Eve Online player. I want to warn you that I haven’t play in quite some time (about 10 years). I have several toons around the 70-mil skill point mark that are geared towards different specializations. I would like to come back and find a home…with a few caveats.

I struggle here with perhaps being too open and honest…but I don’t want there to be any miscommunication.

First and most important… I work a weird schedule. I’m a vet, but I still work overseas. I work 2 months on and 2 months off…rinse and repeat throughout the year. While I’m at work, I can’t be on voice…which effectively means that I can’t play “with” people. That means that I’m not social about 6 months out of the year. Regardless of the game I play, and even if the guild/corp leader says it’s not a problem, it’s always a problem and I inevitably get dropped for inactivity. I just want potential corps to know upfront that I’m personable and loyal, but not always available. That said, as soon as I finish my master’s degree in 2-3 years, I’m changing jobs.

Next, I’m old and my playstyle has changed a bit from back when I was living in this game. I love sci-fi games…but I have other commitments in life now. And I’m no longer into PvP as much. I like more PvE and co-op stuff. I’ll still do PvP if it’s in a group, but I don’t go and seek it out. And along that same line of thought, I’ve had my fill of drama…so, I’m not really into all of the political and spy stuff (then again, it is Eve Online…I just want to exist for a while). I don’t want to use the terms casual or chill because I don’t want to limit myself, I just want you to know what kind of player I am atm.

As for my experience, please remember that all of this was 10 years ago. I’ve done solo pve, small group pvp/pve, fleet engagements, and dreadnaught / carrier ops. I’ve done highsec, lowsec and 0.0 living. Think I stopped right before wormhole stuff came out. So, I’ll be rather new with some aspects of the game (in addition to relearning and being a bit timid).

I’d like a guild that is operating in lowsec or null space, but I’m open to just about anything atm.

Anyways, if you’ve read up to this point, thank you for taking the time. Sorry for the wall of text. Just want to be upfront and clear.


Hello buddy,

I appreciate the open and honest communication. That said, as you’ve never done WH stuff, would you be interested in them?

I’m game for pretty much anything. And yes, I’m interested in WHs…just don’t know too much about them. Just would like an established corp / alliance…and one that is not about to fold and / or move. Would also prefer a corp that focuses more on the PvE aspects of the game. That doesn’t mean, though, that I won’t do PvP stuff with the corp. Hope that helps.

Yeah it helps. I hope you’ll find what you want, as we’re mainly PvPers but we do some PVE on the side when needed. Wormholes gives so much ISK that you end up being able to plex like 4 accounts + affording a lot of ships without any worries to your wallet. Reaching that point, PVE is boring.

If you’d like to dip into WH space and kill sleepers to your hearts content. Stoned Clones is for you. We have currently been recruiting several returning players like yourself and some have weird schedules too. Here’s our forum ad and let me know if we sound interesting to you.

We could be the Corp for you, drop in Ruthless Regiment, Heavy USTZ Nullsec Corporation is Recruiting! Seeking more EUTZ pilots!

Welcome back, you poor bastige! :sunglasses:

I am a firm believer in open communication, and really appreciate what you have put forth in your post. With that in mind, I will say, I’m not sure if Aegis Reforged is a 100% match for you, but am interested in having that conversation with you. The two month cycles wouldn’t be a problem, since we know about it ahead of time, and so long as you communicate when you’re going comms dark, and when you’re back.

Our corp is part of a sov holding nullsec alliance, Already Replaced, in the Immensea region. We have a lot of PvP (which is part and parcel of that life), but plenty of PvE opportunities, as well. I encourage you to check out our recruiting post if you think you might find a home with us. Good luck on your search.

hello chap, small corp attached to mid sized alliance in Immensea, null.
If yr EU TZ jump into shield107 in game for a chat to see if we are a good fit for you.
cheers Edrik

Invictus Imperium is looking for Team players who are interested in PVE & PVP

We will provide content and corporation ops for:

*Corp/Alliance Discord(we ask you use it)
*Coalition Mumble

  • co-op abyssal runs
  • mission running
  • deep exploration runs
  • PI production chains
  • Incursion running
  • sponsored PVP
  • manufacturing
  • mentoring program

We welcome:

  • omega and alpha clones
  • no minimum SP required, just goodwill


  • the corporation is currently based in Fountain space 0.0 sov
  • we have acces to a stations owned by a corp and have our own moons
  • we have 10% tax rate to fund in corp SRP & have alliance SRP for alliance ops/coalition ops
  • we will offer ships with fits for the sponsored corporation ops
    *Corp buyback

If you want to talk more, send a PM or an email.
Wyvvern Psycorax - SA
Bioshibby thedestroyer - EU
Episcopus Raptor - EU
Vilewoman - US
Talon Blacksheer - US

Hey! Seen your post and figured I’d give ya a shout.

Here’s our in game ad:
League of Gentlemen - 2003 Veteran PVP/INDY Nullsec Corp.

Forum post:

I think you’d fit in well with us! Join our discord if you’d like to chat! Discord


Astyria, popped you an in game mail, feel free to reach back.

Looking for a PVE playstyle without “playing” with others? Wanna make ISK doing PVE missions? Don’t wanna be “tied down” to one corp or one playstyle?

United Standings Improvement Agency is looking for new mission runners. We raise standings for other pilots through missions and could use some more who want to make some extra isk on top of doing their other activities.

Can’t use voice? No problem, all our work is text based, that way we have a way of tracking what is said or mentioned when dealing with clientele.

We are more of a service than a corp, so there is no requirement to join the USIA corp in game, and you are free to stay with one of the above mentioned corps or any corp, and still work for us.

Discord link is in the forum post. Come say Hi!!

commitment issues? LOLZ just kidding mate.

I would say as long as you are active when you are active and when you are not, you still keep in discord/forums contact and everything should be fine


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