Returning player looking for corp 4M sp


I used to play EVE back around 2007 ish was a while back but lost that account which is a shame, made a new character in 2011 which I still have no but took a break as school started kicking off. Now im back! woo!

Currently my character has around 4M SP and my current play style is more orientated around mining/industry and soon to be hauling (as that’s where a lot of my SP is at currently), but i’d be up to adopt other gameplay on the side too :smiley: I will say that although mining and industry stuff hasn’t changed all that much, I am a bit out of practise and slowly getting the hang of things. Back in the days (with my old account I lost) I did live in null sec as a miner and hauler.

Currently my account is an alpha clone whilst I get back into the hang of things but once I get into the game a bit more and understand the new stuff and get a corp to latch onto i’ll probably upgrade.


We’re a uk based Corp, living in 0.0. We have a minimum 5 million skill points, this is just for you to be able to be active in and us, but you’re not far off, and we could be ideal to bring you back into the game.
When online join brittas empire public, and/or our discord
Chat with us and see how it goes


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Hey Ichigo

Welcome back to eve, do you have time for a little chat ingame now?


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Welcome back!

ADFU is looking for a few good people to live in Delve. Come fly with us!

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Come and talk to us in RIOT.

We are an established nullsec corp with lots of content and we are very much newbro friendly. We can help you settle in and take part in all things PVP/PVE/Mining the works. We are EU timezone and very sociable.

Join me for a chat in our Discord: RIOT. Rectruitment


Alt o7

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Hello @Ichigo_Chronos and welcome back to the game we hate to love.

We are a super active WH Corp/Alliance. Come by, see who and what we are in space.

Hope to see ya in space,

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Join our in game channel F-OFF NOW, lets talk!


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