Returning player looking for corp


Long story short, I’ve been away from the game for 2 years or so and I’m looking for a new corp. I prefer hisec and PvE however I’m also interested in actually learning PvP.

Now the details:
I’ve played EVE on-and-off since 2008 with a few long hiatuses. I’ve primarily been a PvE player though I have tried my hand at most things the game has to offer.
I’ve just come back from a 2 year break from the game and I’m looking to get back into things. One of the things that I always had difficulty getting into was the PvP side of things and I would actually like to start learning to PvP properls.

Also, I am UK timezone.

Then join my corporation the dragon wariors were part of a war alliance and would love to help you just send an application and we will go from there

Take a look at Arbora Nova

Find us at this discord link

hello check out our discord and
see if we are a fit for ya. REPZ

hi there m8

maybe we are what you are looking for.

please have a look at our recruitment banner for 10 good reasons to why you should consider us.

you can also join our discord if you want to talk some


Check out the Vanguard Syndicate and some of our corps could host you

Hi Pixel,

Like the name. Try something new. We can train you. Must like using a cloak.

wow dude thats a lot of choices let me do it simple take a look for your self :smiley:

Hanging by a threat looking for new members

Join the Legion of Heathens we have cookies.

Discord: NyxSilence#6150

Welcome back, Pixel!

It’s an interesting time in EVE, for sure. While you can learn to PvP in hisec, it’s, well, limited. I will ask you to consider coming out to nullsec, and learning how to PvP, whether it’s a strategic operation, or smaller gang stuff. We also have a lot of ISK making opportunities, from mining, to ratting (running combat anomalies), to planetary industry (P.I.), and even industry.

If this sounds even a little bit interesting, please check out our recruiting post for the full details.

Best of luck on your search!

Pixel Poltergeist, hey, sent you a mail in-game, feel free to come say hi.

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