Returning Player (US-Central TZ)

I’m a returning player after taking a few years off. I am looking to get back to working with a group and get used to pvp again.

hey man, im the CEO of Legion Ascending, a null corp in sov-null who specializes in indy and pvp. We have our toes in just about every facet of the game and are looking forward to the update. Our corp is based on its members, meaning that the members have a say in the future of the corp. Everything is discussed and we are always in comms hanging out. We are a small group of friends looking to grow with other like minded players. Come have a chat with us and see what were about.

We might fit the bill.


maybe GDawn is interesting for you, we are just starting out in high sec again and welcome returning players. Our Corp is new player friendly, but because of that we also need players with experience that want to build up a new Corp from scratch: GDawn

Come say hi, we are part of SLOW and content happens pretty much daily.
The corp also does the weekly roam/blops content. Looking to do this more often but we’d need a few more active pilots for this at times (if we keep it corp only)

We also are pretty tightknit and hangout in discord every night.

Primarily NA atm

If you would like a smaller corp, with more hands on direction and a do it all aspect. you can come fly with us and see if we fit your play style. We do Indy/PVP in all sections of space. Very new player friendly. Mostly the US time zone with a few in the EU. We have no Taxes, No play time or fleet up commitment. Its all about just enjoying the game by playing and doing what we want to along the way. If your interested, just let me know and ill toss you a discord link. were active on the daily, ither playing eve or BSing in chat after a long day.
Corp- Quale Imperium

welcome back bud am looing for pvp members plenty of pew pew… i also run a low alliance
come and have a chat


I am a recruiter of Capsuleer Outfitters. We are a balanced corp of pvp pilots who have been together for years. We make it a point to know all our pilots and make them feel like they are part of a team instead of just a number in a fleet. Real life comes first so you just let us know if youre not going to be on for a week or more at a time. We also lean towards the 40+ age range with a lot of retired military like myself.

We are a member of Bad Intention down in the Molden Heath of Eve. The alliance is USTZ and also has a mixed EUTZ base. Between the corp and alliance, there is always someone on.

We are a pirate alliance. Gives us the freedom to do pretty much whatever we want. be self-sustainable or willing to learn then fly solo to make isk.

Would be great to hear from you and see if we are a good fit. You can find us in our discord below:

Corp Discord Bad Intention

Welcome back to the game.