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I’m a returning player after being away for a few year, I noticed that I can not fly my Tengu anymore. Is there a way to earn isk fast enough to get the needed amout to buy a enough plex sow that i can unlock my ability to fly a ship that is worth anything in missions?

Thank you

It is not impossible to PLEX an alpha account , but it will become like a second job for you …
Ninja gas mining, exploration, 3/10 , 4/10 DED sites, triglavian tier 2-3 filaments, are things that I can think of. You can also do incursions if your character can use a battleships with t2 tank and meta 4 guns, iirc there’s a group that takes alpha pilots in fleet , I think it’s WTM Incursions.

I thought that T2 fittings was denied on Alpha accounts

There you can find the list of the skills an alpha clone can use.

thank you

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