Returning player

so its been over a year and i want to return to play eveO, I checked the 3rd-party-software to check my old toon, and turns out my corp and its citadel is not in the same area anymore and im seeing my assets and clone in an unnamed state. i got information that the citadel is un-anchored.

is it possible to recover my clone which had stored in the citadel(wasnt using the clone because its a bling clone)

thank you for advance :>

No, it is not.

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that’s a negative on clone recovery. when your Corp took down the station it killed all clones

Depends, was this the clone you were sitting in when you logged off?

If it was your active clone you will log back in, in space, where your citadel used to be, if it was a jump clone that you were not actively sitting in then no it was destroyed and your assets were moved to asset safety to be recovered

I really “love” the returning players threads.

Why don’t you returning players indicate what the thread is about in the title? “Returning player” titles are really dumb.




I laughed so hard when i saw the above rabbit. :joy:

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