Returning Tengu pilot: advice for L4 missile ship after 7 years

HAMs do have something, I forgot what, but there are 2 T2 variants + faction. The faction missiles can actually be pretty good too the DPS loss is minimal while the application rises quite a bit. And other then high DPS whats the other T2 variant , is it precision ? Range ? I know I used all 4 before quite extensively, both T2 ammo types as well as auto and faction. Sorry am not in game right now and won’t be for a while.

Range, yes. Application on javelin (range T2) is worse than faction but better than rage (damage T2).

Javelin is an absolute must-have on Loki missile fits since it lacks the range bonus on the Tengu. On the Tengu… not so much. If you build around a few MGCs you can adjust range/application pretty effectively just using faction (and rage when you just need to nuke something).

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