Returning to Anomic missions. Any changes to Blood Rider? Or other Anomic missions?

Hi. Been away for a while.
I have noticed some ships had their stats and slots repurposed whilst I was away.
Like the Drake, some T2 ships, Rapid missiles nerf, and so on, that I feel I might have lost track on
some of the changes.
I am facing a Blood Rider Cruor mission in my old -Hateless like- Wolf fit.
I was wondering if the fit is still valid.
The Wolf apparently haven’t been touched by CCP.
Maybe the Cruor had?

Tnx anyone for chippin in…

How old is the fit/video? If its sometime before he passed, it may still be viable since ccp hadnt touched it

Two years +-

It has run ok, no hassles, old fit worked like a charm. ty.