Returning to Eve... I have 2 accounts. Help me choosing one, please?

I played EVE a long time ago and decided to come back today.

As the title says, I have two accounts with two different characters.

  1. Trader/PI:
  • Known Skills: 72
  • Skills Lvl 5: 9
  • Total SP: 6.203.587
  1. Miner:
  • Known Skills: 71
  • Skills Lvl 5: 16
  • Total SP: 8.299.518

I don’t have game style preferences, I would like to hear some tips to choose which one would be the most appropriate and would bring more benefits over time and that would be worth investing for now.

XML Files for EVEMon

Thank you.

I’ll choose the second one. The miner.

impossible to choose: eve is not a job, where your aim is to earn isks. It is a game that you should play for fun. If you like mining, go for the miner, if you like trading, go for the trader…

2 million SP represents about 6 weeks training for an Omega character, so give yourself that headstart. Trading needs capital and market knowledge in addition to character skill - you should spend a bit of time relearning the game before dipping your toes in those shark infested waters - there have been some recent changes and mistakes can be expensive.

If you get hooked on the game this time around it won’t be long before you reactivate the second account anyway!

Welcome back and good luck.

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