Returning vet looking for a high sec and indy small corp

whating to know if there is a small high sec indy corp willing to bring me onto one of their corps

Good morning. We’re a new corp, I’m a returning player as well. We are working on building a small industrial base to support future plans that might include several options. But for now we’re working on becoming self sufficient. We’re high sec currently in Lonetrek.

If you’re interested man, look up Exodus Sovereignty and join our public channel.

Like I said, we’re new, a few dudes hanging out regularly as we work on setting our path forward.

  • Exodus Sovereignty
  • US Central timezone based
  • Lonetrek
  • POC: Valion Cunningham, Cowski, Vall Ridder, Fox Eight

Hope to hear from you. And welcome back to EVE, I’ve been having fun since I got back.

Sent you a message in-game @Parvo_killskeen

Hey, if your still looking for a Corp to call home check out Gorgon Heavy Industries. We are just what your title says. Feel free to message me here or in game of you interested

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