REvernus [Release: NULL] - Evernus Re-written!

Hello capsuleers!

Today I would like to present to all of you market folks a new (work in progress) tool for all your trading and market needs, REvernus!

REvernus is the re-written version of the old, now unmaintained program Evernus. After taking a look at the current list of market tools available to market guys, the options right now are very limited… Eve Mogul is an option, however I personally never really got it to work well. Evernus is still sort of working, but its slowly dying as time goes on and nobody has maintained it, Eve Trade Master died with CREST, and… Well, that’s about it. Besides making a spreadsheet for yourself, which is clunky and slow for ESI responses (don’t get me wrong, I love a good spreadsheet).

So… I decided to re-write it all myself! Currently, the project will be written in C# 8.0, using .Net Core 3 and WPF. This does mean that REvernus is Windows only, unfortunately.

And that’s where we are today. You can find more information about the project here:

Currently, there is no public release for the program, and there’s very, very little features, but I am actively working on the project and will modify this post accordingly to list new features, progress updates, and future plans. You can also download the project and build/test it for yourself. Make sure to read the bottom of the Github page for instructions.

I’m open to feature requests, so if you wish to request something, please make a feature request issue on the Github page! This way, everyone can see who’s requesting what, and you can show your support for something to be added sooner.

I’ll most likely be making a discord soon, so check this post for a link in the coming days.

If you have any questions, leave a comment in this thread, or message Meigs Abre-Kai in-game! :slight_smile:


How it is going? :darkbeerparrot:

Also, take that free bump , free of charges! :fedo:

Coming along! I’m back at university a bit early this summer so I’ve been a bit busy but things are slowly coming together :wink:

Revernus now has an official Discord server! If you want to chat about REvernus, suggest features, help fix bugs, get updates and Github notifications, or just chill and chat with everyone, come join!


Discord invite is broken by the way buddy :slight_smile:

Many of us are actively watching this and waiting patiently, we expect great things, no pressure…


I saw that, the link apparently was set to expire for some reason. I’ve updated the link, it should work now! :smile:

I am waiting for it, but I won’t help or ask for features until a released version.

For a simple reason : why do you use an unstable framework ? Is it really necessary ?

Last time I saw a developer using an unstable release of something, it is… Firefox, to compress some config files with an early alpha of the LZ4 software. Not only it didn’t make any sense (compress files who weight under 30 KiB, seriously ?) but it was a nightmare to read/modify said files because it was non-standardized (not anymore since few months because some users created some tools for that). It is still used today in Firefox because of lack of time and personnel to correct. I don’t still get why they decided to use unfinished stuff to make other stuff in the first place.

So I hope that using a preview won’t affect you in your effort, or the users in any way. I learned the hard way so I won’t try to compile your software myself.

And I still have headaches from my LineageOS compilation sessions…


.Net Core 3.0 is, although in preview, very stable and feature rich. Most of the changes being made to it are additional features and performance improvements.

So far we haven’t really seen any issues at all with using it. Preview 3 had an odd bug regarding UI scaling in WPF, however that was quickly addressed and fixed in the next preview release. .Net Core 3.0 is also what Microsoft is encouraging people to switch to for future projects, as it is the platform they are primarily focusing on moving forward. It will be fully releasing and coming out of preview in September of this year, so most likely less than a month :slight_smile:

Free bump to keep the thread open :smiley:

free bump. thank you for doing this. i was an avid user of evernus love the features it had for the market and manufacturing. really miss having it and i must say not having it has slowed my income from trading.

Bump. Love it :3 Already playing with some things in Visual Studio. This thing has potential !

Hey, so what is the latest update on this?? I am pumped about this!

Still chugging away, however progress is quite slow due to school. I plan to have a public release by the end of December. Look out for a update! :smiley:


free bump. im quite thrilledabout that, i’ve been searching for evernus’ successor for a long time. keep up the good work!


How is the project going. So pumped to see you are working on this. Good luck and all the best!

Is this still going on?

Thank you for a good tool.
How soon in the orders it will be possible to see real stations, not an unknown location?

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