Reverse Skybox Scaling

It seems like some time ago ccp decided to scale up the Skybox. The Nebulae are now bigger, stars are better visible. The downside to this is that the skybox looks incredibly low res and the camera movement feels clumsy. This becomes especially apparent when taking a look at a Nebula. They look very low res compared to the older, more zoomed out EVE Skybox in comparrison to the older, lets say trinity to quantum rise era where camera movement was more direct and crisp and the skybox wasnt that zoomed in.

The difference is hard to convey via text but I am certain that especially older players will have at least a faint memory the older scale.

I would like to have the old scaling back.

On Proton (Wine) on Linux when I set graphics to LOW, I see a huge dark SQUARE around the stations

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Things like that the reason I cbb gaming on linux/mac os.

One dedicated win machine for games…no worries…

For tech stuff linux.

I’m not that desperate, you won’t find Windows on my machines

Just to make sure, you aren’t alt-zoomed in?

The way you describe it (larger nebulae, bigger stars, lower res, clumsy camera movement) is how I feel when I alt-zoom in for pretty pictures.

(Note, not the regular zoom function with ‘scroll’, but ‘alt-scroll’).

No, it is looking like alt-zoom before the changes exactly. Like you are perma alt zoomed in

I get what you mean then.

But no, I don’t remember how it looked before, I’ve been around for almost 4 years now, so maybe I missed the change.

What if you could alt-zoom out a little more, would that be what you’re looking for?

They changed it pre 2016 iirc. You could also alt zoom more before. I guess since now there is a certain alt zoom as the base. It limitd the further zoom. See :

I ve tried zooming out but sadly it always switches back

Edit : another example here… horribly low res. Bad render of the nebula. Reddit - Eve - CCPlease higher resolution sky boxes