Review the role of the Hoarder

The role of the Hoarder is to enhance military power and has nothing to do with mining gas; it can be replaced by Miasmos, which has more mining cargo than the Hoarder.

I suggest that the Hoarder’s additional cargo should be drone cargo, not gas. I think this adjustment will make it more presentable.

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From a RP point of view, it makes a lot of sense to have ammo and gas to do crimes with, however the drone cargo bay idea is a brilliant one - I would say that Amarr would be the better race for them though.

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The addition of a gas cargo bay would be a good fit for Epital, which supports the industries of deep space. There are synergies as they can carry all the materials needed for advanced manufacturing in one place.

However, based on the assumption that CCP didn’t do so, I may need to think about this idea: the question of how the increased efficiency of T1IDS will affect its impact on the game.

gallente industrials should have boosters hold. Amarr should have slave hold.

Caldari should have PLEX hold.


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