Haulers/Makers: is the Hoarder in a good place?

Might be the wrong category but here goes.

I’m currently living out of a Wreathe (#vanlife) and one of the things I noticed when I was planning was how poorly the Hoarder compared to the options that were available. Poor slot layout, poor tank, and slow, its saving grace was the enormous ammo bay. Useless to me, but I decided to look it up on zkillboard, and the Hoarder accounts for <1% of industrial losses in the last 7 days. Many industrials have more losses by an order of magnitude, so I considered that moving ammo was just not that popular an activity. But then, why a ship dedicated to moving ammo? You can fit a lot of charges in a standard cargo bay. There are other ships with special cargo bays that are much more popular (in terms of losses). Is that simply because those commodities are more frequently moved?

Kinda curious what others think about this ship. If nothing else, it looks cool.

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Years ago before the special cargo bays were added to certain mid size Industrial ships, Gallente had like 5 different standard Industrial ships whereas Minmatar had 3 and the other 2 major Factions, Amarr and Caldari, only had 2 standard Industrial ships.

These are the ships that were changed to have specific cargo bays.

  • Minmatar Hoarder = munitions cargo bay.
  • Gallente Kyros = minerals cargo bay.
  • Gallente Miasmos = asteroid ore, ice and gas cargo bay.
  • Gallente Epithal = planetary commodities cargo bay.

I don’t know why CCP decided to change the Minmatar Hoarder when Gallente clearly had plenty of Industrial ships available. In my opinion CCP basically made the Hoarder obsolete. Maybe they thought there would be massive battles needing supply lines filled with untold amounts of Hoarders carrying munitions to the front lines.

Anyway, before that change I actually used my Hoarder a lot. It had a fairly decent defensive tank on it and could carry a lot, especially when it’s cargohold was filled with Giant Secure Containers.

After that change I quickly skilled into Blockade Runners and Deep Space Transports. Most of the time now I just use a Prowler Blockade Runner, especially for moving valuable loot. However anytime I have really large quantities of regular basic loot, Ores, Minerals, etc to transport, I’ll use a Mastodon Deep Space Transport.


Hey man, sorry for the delay, and I appreciate the reply. The history is worth knowing, and as you present it, it is kind of an odd change to my thinking as well. That’s why I was kind of curious if there was… something else that would make more sense, give this old ship a purpose again. But this is for someone with more know-how than me to dream up.

Eventually I will switch my ratting ship from a frigate to a destroyer, and that will mean moving into a bigger ship that can accommodate all the repackaged components. I will see if the ships you suggest will be up to it, but I have a lot of skilling to do in the meanwhile.

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Also in the Tech 1 lineup overhaul, game designers wanted players to choose between capacity, or durability. Each faction has a general purpose Industrial devoted to one or the other.

It’s tempting to choose a ship which can haul the most, but, using the smaller capacity, higher-tanking versions - and taking more trips to move the same amount of stuff divides your risk. Don’t carry all your eggs in one basket :wink:

As DMC notes, graduating to Tech 2 Industrials is a useful goal; DST’s (Mastodon, Occator, etc) combine the traits of capacity and durability. No turning back once you can fly these :wink: .


…but that’s the entire purpose of my experiment (unrelated topic for another post). :grinning:

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