Revoked refresh token alerts for EveKit

For those of you using EveKit, we’ve just released a new feature which can send you an alert if one or more of your ESI authorization tokens can not be refreshed (for example, because they are revoked).

Although failures are rare these days, there have been occasions in the past where tokens were accidentally revoked (there happened to be a short SSO outage tonight, but with no apparent damage). When tokens are revoked, EveKit’s ability to synchronize your data is severely limited.

To use the new alerting feature, log in to EveKit as usual, then navigate to “Main -> Your User Info”. Enter any valid e-mail address in the “Expired ESI Token Contact Address” field and save the change. We check for revoked tokens about every four hours to provide reasonably timely alerts without spamming our users.

You can disable the alerting feature by clearing the “Expired ESI Token Contact Address” field.

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