Revolutionary Upwell Consortium Research Spotted

It seems in the outer reaches, that Upwell Consortium experts and research speciallists have started to engineer platforms of warfare, which are feasibly mobile through the use of micro jump field generators.

these mobile point defense batteries have been theorised to be useful for defense of upwell structures such as the ansiblex jump gates for now it seems, maybe later modification to the communications links within the technology could result in tethering to larger structures for added defense cabability.

they are seemingly being designed for each racial empire nation; these being, Amarr, Caldari, Gallente, Minmatar.

These Mobile Point Defense Batteries come in 3 sizes it has been noticed, small, medium and large, each with fitting for an array of the relevent size modules it seems, scans could not discern the slot layour or if rigging cabability has yet been developed as an obscuring spatial anomaly generated by the same technology inhibited d-scan and scanning module capability through magnetometric manipulation of the space-time environment, seemingly exclusive to these types of technology. only time will tell how Capsuleers might make use of this innovation, and what effect it may have upon how the alliances and corporations of new eden conduct their tactical and strategic deployments and operations.

it seems there are capacity limits on what can be carried by the mobile jump field generator, attached to the structures when set to mobility mode, as opposed to point defense mode; anchored to a structure.

sightings of pirate research sites developing their own technology of the same standard, mirroring the advanced technology their military vessels exhibit but no known sources are currently being reported.

Torrent Talon, reporting on a recent deep space mission conducted while AWOL for the past half decade.

((thought news would shake up new eden a bit, maybe attachable to the ansiblex jump gates and other structures, or empowerable through anchoring to specialise into full point defense battery with target focus fire effects possible while tethered to larger upwell structures))

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