RIP Bouncing off stars!

It is my sad duty to inform you that you can no longer approach a star in warp closer than the default warp to 0 location. All bookmarks within default to sending you to the warp to 0 spot.

My bookmarks for bouncing a ship off of a stars center are now useless. I am sad.

After suiciding a destroying in the proving grounds to clear that task from my daily spree, I was going to show this fun activity to the newbro I was fleeted with. Alas I found my bookmarks would not work.

For prosperity here is the fun that is no longer to be had.

Now please play for me the worlds smallest violins.

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This hasn’t been possible in a long while?
I haven’t managed to warp inside of a star in, I think, over a year.

At some point the mechanics regarding warping to bookmarks around a star turned even weirder than they were before.

Last time I tried was last Christmas. And at that time it worked. What was broke at that time was trying to share bookmarks in a meaningful way. I miss being able to make a copy of the bookmark as an item to share to people through trade or contract. Well now the best bookmarks I have are useless.

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Ah. Hm. Odd.
Thanks for letting me know!

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