RIP Vile Rat

Every Year I try login to Eve to Remember VileRat : aka Sean Smith

Alas I am a couple of hours late this year :frowning:

But I remember you Brother even though you where a hated enemy of mine

It is clear most of you do not remember … especially the rtrds on eve radio :frowning:

But I remember you brother even if you were a goon and I hated you

Don’t fly safe brother just kill them all :slight_smile:



A long long time ago, in a place called RIT-A7 there was a fight during the great war against BoB, this was probably in 2007 or 2008, where 40 of us engaged RISE in their home system and they brought along a load of capitals, Vile Rat showed up in the nick of time with a Goon wrecking crew and we won a hell of a fun battle that lasted about 3 or 4 hours.

I specifically remember in the middle of the fight in my vagabond, and he was in an arty sleipnir and the two of us kinda got separated and between us knocked out a few support ships that rushed us and thinking the dude had balls of steel to bring a sleipnir to this mess. I actually have the old video I made of that fight but it doesn’t seem to be on eve files anymore (or anywhere else by the look of it). Anyway, the few times I came across him, he was a cool guy.


I remember that dreadful time, September 2012. Goon friends and enemies alike were deeply touched by those dramatic events and honored a fellow Eve pilot in their own, touching way.

Respect. Not forgotten.


I remember this day well… The day all of EVE (no matter your allegiance in game) came together as a matter of respect to a fellow player lost irl

RIP VileRat


I was in RIT then, in RISE. Good fights those days. Great memories.
IIRC it was PL that brought their Cloaky Recon fleet to annoy us for a week or so afterwards.

RIP Vile Rat.

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07 vilerat

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