Risk / Reward in Suicide Ganking out of Order?

You can. Learn the mechanics. You also can fit your ship to be immune to bumping. Or immediately stash it in a fleet hanger. And even if you aren’t aligned, you can get into warp before a criminal can land on you.

You are not helpless.

Ok, you clearly are new. There are three exhumers each specializing in different things: the Hulk is for yield, the Mackinaw is for cargo hold, and the Skiff is for defence. The all have strengths and weaknesses, and the Hulk is especially squishy. Choosing the right one for the job is part of the game.

Now the Skiff is a tough nut crack unlike the Hulk. It does take a few Battlecruisers or Battleships to explode a Skiff before CONCORD arrives.

I suggest you fly that (or a Procurer) and learn more of the game before asking for changes to it.

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Can you elaborate how to do that when playing solo?

I still think that there should be more options available than “flying away”. But alas, mining… I am still more concerned that you even get ganked when you tank your ship out because it’s so easy to do.


I doubt most are even war decc able.
And with their security standings, you can shoot em anyway. The problem is the game mechanics make it very unlikely for them to lose a ship at all unless they chose to gank.


The reason there is no counterplay against gankers is because the highsec miners have been sqeauling for years that ganking is too easy - then CCP eventually adds more restrictions to ganking. All of these limits for gankers take the form of NPC or mechanics changes, because none of the miners have any real interest in fighting back - they just want their fat defenseless whales to be invulnerable in highsec.

As CCP shortens timers and adds more and more restrictions to ganking - the gankers have been forced to tighten up their game - to the point that they are only vulnerable in space for a few seconds before they open fire.

I don’t know of any highsec gankers that bother with bumping mining ships to prevent them from warping away - several gankers don’t even bother with a warp scrambler. Most miners are semi-AFK and may not even be awake enough to save their pod.


Since it seems you’re committed to playing the victim, I’ll just wish you luck with whatever’s left of your EVE career.


Why does C.O.D.E. never come after me? :thinking:

Unless I tempt them outta fun. :beers:

i my self feel as if there is no problem here i can somehow manage to not get ganked in null sec even when i am ratting in places that have about 120% bounty modifiers the only reason to lose a expensive ship in high sec for it to be a bot ( so it not programed to defend it self ) or the person is being stupid with there ships either way i fail to see how it’s anyone fault for getting ganked then the person who got ganked

you can solve both those with getting a better minning ship like a rorq good luck to any 10mill ships trying to kill one of those

if you have a 300mill ship that has less then 10k health you are playing the game wrong

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It is not too cheap. If you bothered to check how much your ship dropped, you would see they got 15m. Losing 10m to get 15m is a very small profit. If they spent 100m ganking you they would have no brain cells.

I still love ganks like these: Youtube: Obliterating an ice belt mining crew
This was a matter of seconds.

Today, you are quite safe in Highsec, it’s not too hard to learn.

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Make friends. Join corps.

Youre thrown into a FFA with a hundred other people, everyone else is making alliances and making friends and joining groups, while you sit there alone shouting “This is unfair! Im alone and the guy next to me joined a group of 10 other people who are coming after me!!!”.

Yes, there are other options.

If youre alone, of course those options become less and less. Thats not the games fault, thats your fault for joining something colloquially known as an MMORPG, or “massive multiplayer Online Role Playing Game”. And yes, the “Massive, multiplayer” part of that sentence should give you hints as to how this isnt a single player game, and youre not alone.

Theres nothing wrong with being alone. But dont cry foul when other people are making friends. You chose to be alone, you have to live with your choices, and die by them.


You just agreed you can shoot em anyway. The game mechanics make it exceedingly easy to shoot and kill gankers.

Do you know what the gankers do, in order to avoid being shot at before they gank? They fly away. They are constantly warping around. They find ways to be less of a target. You should too.

you sir are doing it wrong. Related Kills | Kasrasi | 2011-05-20 01:00 | zKillboard

I should note that zkill isnt loading those kills right - they were both fit and tried to gank the hulk. But the hulk was a battle hulk…

There’s always been a lot of suicide ganking in HiSec. Some areas are worse than others.

The closer you get to Jita the worse it gets.

Input broadcasting is currently forbidden in EVE Online.

That there is very much more to the game than living in HiSec and that buffing the EHP of all ships just so that suicide ganks are harder is a very one-sided and self-centered view of the game, TBH.

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no… rule of thumb if you have safety to green and its not letting you shoot dont do it… Also, if you shoot anyone, to start a limited engagement timer, which means they can come back in a maurader and destroy you and concord will be at the donut shop watching you die. … Good Gankers know their craft well and will bait you into fighting. just get the hell out of there - period

Osmon has always been a toilet for ice mining, - Gankers hang out there quite a bit, but not typically with large fleets. The large fleet gankers will be hanging out near Kamio/Halaima, since it close to their operations in Uedama…

If you can make enough to replace a ship and still make profit, go for it, if you are losing more than winning, I say try a new strategy.

That does not mean it is not happening. Looking at some of the kills, a strong argument could be made that it is happening frequently.

Didn’t happen to me, but did happen to a friend … three ships land on top of the barge … there was a cloaked ship he failed to see when it warped in. Concord was already in the belt. The three ships locked and fired at the same time. Each doing the same damage.

Clearly the miner made errors, mining in a belt when Concord is already there should’ve been a good warning. - Despite his mistakes, it does not justify or explain how three ships fired at the same time, each doing the same damage. All three of the ganker characters had the same name, such as “joeblow1”, “joeblow2”.

Something being against the EULA has not stopped anyone in the past, and it wont stop them in the future.


Risk is set by CCP, is 100% guaranteed ship death.
Reward is set by players and is 100% up to you.

So if you think the balance is out of order, do something about it!

You can set the reward for killing your ship. If someone profitably manages to kill your ship, that’s your fault for flying too much value with too little EHP. Keep your ship’s value low and when you get suicide ganked, the rewards as you have set them: very low and unprofitable.
(They might still kill you anyway, but then they will lose ISK doing so! :wink:)

Suicide ganking your ship shouldn’t be profitable. If it is, you’ve made a mistake.