Risk / Reward in Suicide Ganking out of Order?

Yup. If you suspect someone is input broadcasting, just report them and the GMs will take care of it.

People say “The same time”, but personal experience is always skewed, and EVE works on Ticks.

The Kusions are a great example. He has videos posted where he demonstrates that he cycles through 20+ accounts to gank freighters. People still accuse him of input broadcasting.

When youre being ganked, everything happens really fast, and because of server ticks, it looks like they were done at the same frame, when they werent. People forget about server ticks when they encounter ganks.

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You can see Kusion cycling through 20 accounts to gank freighters. Its a lot more easier to do than you think, especially if youre talking about 2, 3 accounts, and not worth the risk of being banned.

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I tried ganking for the first time to learn what it takes, if only to learn to avoid it.

Used a really good guide, created alpha, injected the 1 mil SP. Calculated which ships, fits and system sec would work. Bought a cata with t2 blasters, total value some 15 mil, got a venture with ship scanner to find the right target.

Found a covetor in a 0.5 using a fit I could take. Made BM, switched ship, warped straight ontop of it and it melted it in like 15 seconds or so.

The anticipation was thrilling, seeing it all work as planned resulting in 2 explosions instead of just 1 was hilarious. But I couldn’t see myself doing this more that a few times tops.

It’s kinda cheesy and actually very risk averse (losing your ship is a given so that’s no risk, failing the gank is a matter of calculation so not really a risk either). Unless it’s actually done for real profit I’d say one needs to be in special ed class to do this on a regular basis.


Go back to mining then. That is where the real excitement and brilliant innovation happens.

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I call BS on that.
Source? You have none! You just throw statements to benefit your point.

BS. And you know it.

Keep fishing, you’ll eventually pull out an old shoe.

Truest thing you ever posted.


Hahaha!! Do you even play EVE?

BS. And you know it.

Yaddy-yadda… Don’t you guys ever get tired of writing the same old sh- ?

Fallacy. Most gankers don’t lose their ship. You’re talking about suicide ganking. Not all ganking is suicidal.

How about folding it in your pocket? Any stupid argument to defend gankers, right?

Look who’s talking.

Yes, let’s not change the one thing that new players quit over then waste a whole thread writing about Player Retention :roll_eyes:

You don’t count in this discussion, you’re merely and Alt for that extortionist Aiko.

And then now try to be genuine about Player Retention.

The only Myths in this forum are your opinions.

Because you’re a spy for them, DUH

Yes, blame the victim, that ought to work well for Player Retention.

They don’t care about profits, they care about their score on zKillboard.

Source please, source. You have none! You’re just throwing statements to benefit your worthless argument.

But it’s a Sandbox game, right? Where someone is forced to play as YOU want them to. :roll_eyes:

Biggest BS in this whole thread.

Right, one says

And you say:

And another clown says

You clowns ought to at least get your BS straight before denying the OP the least deference.

Truest statement in this thread. He made the mistake of downloading EVE in the first place. A game that pretends to be Sandbox but forces players to play as others want them to.

But to force players to play ONE way isn’t self-centered. Ooooki

They’re not arguing the point, they’re arguing against OP with every BS statement under the sun because ganking is what keeps EVE alive.

BS and you know it.


Now let’s see all of you spew BS in a thread about Player Retention. That oughtta be hilarious.


I’ll bite. :stuck_out_tongue:

Killboard checks, observing tag market, and personal experience, as I’m regularly patrolling the ganking hot spots.

There are two measures which in combination are almost 100% effective against profit oriented ganks as a whole, 1) steal the loot yourself 2) kill the hauler if you miss measure 1. Both measures also pass the check of being themselves profitable and fun, in contrast to attempts to prevent single ganks.

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Any ship that is aligned can enter warp in a single server tick, no? I mean, of course excepting the are in a bubble or pointed, neither of which would be the case for a Hulk mining in highsec.

And this is even more foolproof. You can stash a ship in a ship hanger even if you are pointed or in a bubble. There is nothing another player can do to prevent this.

Perhaps you should look into the game mechanics more? You seem to lack an understanding of some of the basics here.

Every study CCP has done has shown that new players don’t quit over getting ganked:

They leave because the get confused, bored, don’t socially integrate, or find a place in New Eden. They don’t quit because they lose a ship to another player in a PvP game.

As CCP Rise said:

We have tried and tried to validate the myth that griefing has a pronounced affect on new players - we have failed. The strongest indicators for a new player staying with EVE are associated with social activity: joining corps, using market and contract systems, pvping, etc. Isolating players away from the actual sandbox seems very contrary to what we would like to accomplish.

The risk of highsec crime brings life to the game. It provides meaning and risk, consequences and conflict. It also drives economic activity. The false “save the newbro” flag has been waved so hard the last 17 years it isn’t completely threadbare and you aren’t going to get any traction with it. You don’t need to try to convince CCP to “save” you from the bad people by making up stories about imaginary newbrows - just learn the mechanics and do it yourself!

Maybe you would have a more complete understanding of the game if you tried some suicide ganking?


The advert for EVE should be:
Spend your time and money to get into a ship that’ll be stuck in a bubble and destroyed in 5 seconds so vets can at least have content.

At least that would be the truth.


Reward of ganking is the value that drops. You decide the things you put on and in your ship, so you are setting the reward value for ganking your ship.

You also choose how much health points your ship will have. More health points means it takes more ganking ships to kill you whixh increases the cost to gank you.

As you are the one in control of setting ‘cost to gank you’ and ‘reward to gank you’, you can easily make it unprofitable to gank your ship.

That’s because you’re not a sadist. You actually want to play the game, not just explode someone’s ships for the tears and a score on zKillboard.
Even if you don’t respect me ( I don’t care ) but I sure respect YOU.


No thanks. Instead I’m doing FW atm to get experience with that and to, kinda, prepare myself for solo PVP where there’s actual risk and competition and where people might actually shoot back.

As I see it ganking is care free carebear PVP where you know you’ll “win” and where you risk nothing (100% chance of ship loss is not a risk remember) other than perhaps failure due to your own mistakes. This whole “ganking is some form of superior PVP dontyouknow” is hilariously terrible, that’s no different from “but mining is super important dontyouknow”.

Not saying it doesn’t take skill and in in specific cases a lot of preparation and coordination, just saying that solo or group ganking can’t really be hard if I can do it on the first go. If you enjoy it then go enjoy it, if you do it for profit then I hope RNGesus favours you but do not for one second try to pretend it’s something special or any more difficult than, say, mining. It’s not.


Good luck to you, in finding the honourable PvP that you imagine is out there.

“go back to mining then”, “lol honourable pvp”. Sounds like you’re passively aggressive and very defensive about it. Any way, I said what I wanted, gl with your carebear PVP.


The amount of salt in this post is unreal.


OH no, the truth again. Be ready to be ostracized.

Of course you’re right. But they wouldn’t acknowledge it to save their lives because they prefer to look good on a forum and not rattle feathers than acknowledge the truth of the matter.
You’re wasting your time answering these bozos. They do not argue in good faith and lying is not a problem for them. After all, they’re okay with CODE and their extortion of defenseless players.

The only aspect of Player Retention they’re interested in is the one where new players get to be hunted down and destroyed for a show on zKillboard.


If gankers didn’t kill miners. Who would?

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Miners would.

I’ve got to call BS on this one. Everyone I’ve ever talked to about Eve, when I find someone who played left because of one of two things, no social engagement or “soon as I got a decent ship, someone blew it up in high sec”. I’ve found more of the later than the former.


Don’t call truth “salt”. Smart people can tell the difference.