Risk Versus Reward Question for CSM 15

So far this year High Sec has lost 500,000 more ships then Null Sec. That makes High Sec about 25% more dangerous then Null Sec. Yet High Sec is not 25% more profitable then Null Sec.

How do the CSMs 15 candidates see Risk Versus Reward in the different areas of New Eden?

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Can you provide player action against PvE losses? Lots more mission runners in bad fits in high sec.

Without specifics, your premise is flawed.

In fact if you take pod kills (a much clearer indicator of PvP) highsec is only about 25% as dangerous as null.

I don’t really follow DOTLAN, does DOTLAN filter out new player tutorial deaths? Those starter missions have a couple of times where new players are expected to lose a ship. Since new players all start in highsec, if DOTLAN doesn’t or cannot filter out those deaths, I imagine the info would be skewed.

This is a low effort troll attempt.
As ironic as it is coming from me, don’t feed the troll.

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On a related note - which candidate is the SiCO representative?

You can easily make 200M/h in hisec, which is comparable to top tier carrier ratting. Stop complaining and start thinking.

That would be me :slight_smile:

The pure numbers you get from losses are not as accurate for high sec as they are for null simply due to the amount of ganking that happens in space. For a well executed gank each real kill also nets 2 other losess one for the concord loss and one for concord manipulation loss. Now often a single ship is not enough to gank a single target so you may end up losting 20 ships to kill one targert (10 + 10 losess) and then possibly some pods if you are not that good. And then there are the failed gank attempts. So even when high sec might look dangerous it has pretty much 40% extra buffer on the statistics page.

And then there are the PVE missions and new players starting new accounts and dying at their first sites and quitting the game. So a lot of extra kills in this area as well.

Now high sec is dangerous if you do not know what you are doing. Same applies to other regions. When you know what you are doing the risk of losing your ships is greatly reduced. Most often people who do not know what they are doing are the new players who either haul too much value in their T1 ships or mine in hulks in 0.5 systems. Each time you add too much bling you also increase the risk. New players sadly do this without knowing about the risk factor as the word high sec gives them a faulty feeling of security.

You can make a lot of money in high sec when you are in the right ship and know what you are doing. Just like in null sec. Due to this i think there should be some risk in high sec as well otherwise everyone would just stick farming in high sec. For me high sec is a place where you can chill a bit more and not care about mandatory sov stratops or structure farms and enjoy doing what you personally like to do.

The risk is not the problem, its the education and getting new and old players connected with other eve players. If they are not connected they most likely keep on doing the same mistakes over and over again and do not know where to seek help. This can be very hard for a new player. Once players learn that high sec is not a secure space they will start to pay attention to other details such as their fits or travel routes etc. Once this is done the risk vs. knowledge balances out the risk vs. reward.

So to put it all together for a fresh new player the risk vs. reward is rather high in HS. However once they learn to operate and know more about the game the risk element balances out with the rewards and as long as you operate by taking other players around you into account you can hammer out pretty high isk.


The answer to OP is pretty simple : ignore that soup of words.

Guess my ending CONCORD proposal is BACK ON THE MENU BOYS.

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I don’t know if you’re being serious or trolling, but you should look up what per “captia means.”

For example, is giving 100 BJ’s in a day a lot of BJ’s to give?

Well that depends on how big our sample size is. If we are talking about a small town of 10k people, then no. If we’re just talking about your mom, then yes.

Moreover, highsec players (as an aggregate) are probably less experienced than nullsec players (as an aggregate).


Of those 500k ships, I’d be willing to bet that 497k of them were AFK Ventures and other assorted mining ships…

I’ll add to this by saying that Ikarus has a good point and something I plan on asking CCP for (at my earliest opportunity, CSM or no) is to put together a dashboard of publicly-releasable data and statistics as a series of automated dashboards in the same vein as the MER. Specifically related to - and designed to cover for - the gap between what we are able to pull from ESI and what the devs have access to respective to kill numbers by region, security, etc.

Having some kind of attributable data to look at the factors impacting “where are we losing newbros” and being able to drill-down to fit, habits, etc would be an excellent tool for recruiters focused on mentorship, teaching, and fostering the community.

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I love you.


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