Risk versus reward

I don’t do mission running much these days. I concentrate on making stuff and PI.

So it came as a bit of a shock when I reached part 3 of the Recon mission. I was doing it at level 2 as I dislike battleships and cruisers preferring to fly an Ishkur which in my experience is good up to level 3 missions. Now what surprised me was the briefing . It stated that due to the high levels of radioactivity I would need a “well tanked battleship” What? A battleship to be able to run a level 2 mission? The risk I thought was high but the reward was pitiful. 128K ISK and 200 loyalty points.

Where is the balance in that? Having done the first two parts I thought about finishing the series but in the end decided to delete the offer as I did not consider the rewards to be equal to the risk. I ask you, a battleship to run level 2 missions, come on!

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You need to travel 60Km through the toxic cloud to the exit gate, the damage hits are spaced 20 seconds apart and grow in intensity. A frigate with an afterburner and a decent tank should be able to cross 60Km in a minute taking little damage. A battleship will be in the cloud a lot longer.


In the case of the gas cloud part of recon, speed-tanking is as good as any other kind of tank.



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Recon3 is usually done in a buffer-fit MWD frigate - you get to the gate before cloud can hit you 2nd time.


Don’t just rely on the mission information given to you by your agent.

Check for information on missions from capsuleers :wink:

Or if you wish to learn as you go without the help of others there is also the option of using the test server.

Cheers mate

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When losing an insured battleship hurts you, and when you have to look at the income in relation to your potential spendings, then what you’re doing is not “playing”. It’s “working”.

Doing things for the sake of doing them, because they’re there === playing.
Doing things because you need money === work.

edit: ooooooooooh it’s THAT mission! I remember almost losing my battlecruiser, and then realizing I could do it in a frigate. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice.
I have now run the mission, not for the rewards, there weren’t any to speak of, but just to see what it involves. Using my Ishkur with a microwarp drive I managed to get to the gate and picked up about 50% shield damage. As my Ishkur can do >3000 m/s anyone in anything slower would really need some heavy protection.

I don’t think that I will do that particular mission a second time.


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