RNG decryptors

Simple one today:

Crossover the multi-plasmid idea with decryptors in invention.

You get a decryptor from exploration and you get a ‘trig scientist’ from abyss space or a drifter scientist from a wormhole or a team of scientists you made from PI, and you combine the two and RNG the decryptor stats.

Invention is already a probabilistic process such that a decryptor might yield nothing, and with such a wide range of BPC-altering decryptors available to begin with, why add RNG on top of RNG? How does this enhance the game? Seems to just pollute the game with item and feature creep.

It’s a second grade or tier of decryptors, but the RNG means you can’t consistently get the desired outcome like with current decryptors and less ‘all or nothing’ than pass/fail of invention.

This idea feels like what decryptors and invention should have been. A rare-ish and non-certain way to tailor T2 BPC’s. (or BPO’s if we ever start to make our own) with the occasional ‘eureka’ moment.

Most players don’t give a rat’s ass about the ME/TE of the resulting BPC, they care about whether or not they get a BPC at all and how many. Most players would rather have several less-efficient BPCs than a few high efficiency BPCs. (Invention can be costly and time consuming and tedious, and you are slot-limited.) RNGing decryptor quality is unnecessary especially given their low cost (for most) and the risk of nerfing quality and losing the decryptor due to 100% invention failure.

It depends on the job. But if people will randomise mods, they’ll randomise decryptors. And it’s less broken than abyss mods to boot.

They gamble because it gives some benefits. This has no benefits other than another annoying RNG and lost slots, time whatever.

If one mechanics is broken, don’t try to break everything else just to match with it.

This provides potential benefits just like abyss mods. And most of those benefits translate to isk/h in some way, just like abyss mods.

Apples and oranges.

The way in which abyss mods are broken (by making fits imbalanced), is impossible in decryptors.

Even if you get an amazing roll on a decryptor, it is consumed by the next job. You cannot keep re-using an overpowered decryptor in a risk-free environment to print isk like you can abyss mods in PVE. You can’t use it to repeatedly win pvp match ups because your enemies weren’t as lucky in their rolls as you.

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