Ro.Stars - Querious based corp now seeking new members!

Ro.Stars is a corporation based in Querious null sec area, and part of Stellae Renascitur alliance. We are also part of QFC (Querious Fight Club). For some time, we were looking for romanian players, but now we’ve extended the recruiment also to english language speakers, as we have lots of variety in our alliance, and also we have some systems which wait to be farmed and inhabited. We are actively seeking for new members to cover all timezones, as mainly we are now an EU TZ corporation. Also , most of the alliance corps are EU TZ +/- 1-2 hours. We would love to have some US presence and maybe some AU presence in the future.

What we offer:

  • Upgraded systems for mining/industry/ratting
  • Citadels and engineering complexes in every system
  • Nullsec systems VERY close to lowsec (Khanid). No deep hidden systems, so pew pew is guaranteed.
  • SOV warfare for those who like to entosis cloaked nodes and stuff.
  • Citadel bashing. We love to shoot at Horde’s structures deployed around us.
  • Full IT services: discord / SeaT / Alliance Auth / TS3 / Forum
  • Skillplans ready to be pasted in EVE skill queue for a number of specializations (miners, Rorqual miners, capital/faxes, subcap specific on doctrines, T3Cs/T3Ds, etc)
  • Hisec logistics
  • Alliance supplied ships for CTAs, with possibility to buy them for yourselves
  • Occasional mining boosts with Rorquals
  • Regular mining boosts with Porpoises
  • ICE mining systems (3 of them)
  • Moon mining
  • PVP fun roaming (small or big gangs)
  • FC promotion possibilities or other roles (HR, Citadel fueling, etc)
  • Established market in NPC station worth more than 16 bil ISK so you don’t need to ask for hisec stuff all the time.
  • Welcome pack (some ISK and ship to get you started, if you are broke)

What we require:

  • Log on. Join standing fleet. We never know when content arrives, so be ready
  • Be self sufficient, we will tell how you can make ISK, but not charity.
  • Be willing to train our doctrines if you can’t already. (basically ceptors, typhoons, feroxes, logis)
  • Basic fleet experience. We expect to understand what PRIMARY target is and the difference between warp to gate and jump gate.
  • APIs for every account.
  • We all have IRL but be active when you can.
  • If you want to leave for a while, just tell us before, so we can plan.
  • Omega accounts only.
  • 7 mil SP minimum.
  • CTA + Pocket Defense mandatory. (no minimum CTAs, but when they happen, be there if you are in game)
  • Headphones + mic, TS and Discord, forum registration
  • We strongly recommend to have an ALT in NPC corporation to sit in hisec or at least a jump clone there.

Some common sense rules, after joining:

-Whenever there is a neut/red/whatever announced in the pocket, dock up; If requested join defense fleet.
-Capital and Rorqual operations are mandatory to join standing fleet, with cyno module so in case of
danger you can be helped.
-Act mature: if any problems, please discuss with leader or diplo so that things can be fixed!

For more information:

  • join “Ro.Stars Pub” , without quotes, in-game
  • contact me or @Claina
  • directly login HERE and add your full API
  • directly login HERE and submit a HR application.
  • join us on DISCORD and poke anyone there.

Don’t apply to corp directly without completing at least one step from above.

Still Recruiting :slight_smile:


Bump !

Still recruiting, our newest member is from Singapore !

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