Rock Hard Revolutionaries - Seeking the Damned and Wealthy

Rock Hard Revolutionaries (RHR) is an Essence based low security alliance seeking like minded corporations and individuals who too wish to watch the world burn. Industrialist? Pirate? We welcome all into our ranks!

We were founded as a result of botched high sec wardec mechanics and the founding members decided to continue their cooperation even as the war ended. Since then we’ve quickly grown to over 150 members across eight corporations. With such a high member count, we can assure you there’s always someone online to either blow or harvest ■■■■ up. Whatever tickles your fancy.

Our Offerings

  • PvP Rich Space - Need something to shoot? Old Man Star is just a short walk away!
  • Within 10 jumps from Dodixie - Nearby market access.
  • Regularly Scheduled Ops - There’s always something to do in our alliance.
  • Active Alliance Membership - 150 members guarantees that somebody is around to do something with!
  • A Discord Server - Voice communication is a must, and we pride ourselves in our active discord server.
  • Triangle Worshippers - Zorya Triglav body pillows come standard to all new recruits and corporations.

Corporation Applicant Requirements

  1. Must have at least 10 Active Members
  2. Must be willing to operate within 5 jumps of RHR home systems
  3. Must use Discord

Individual Applicant Process and Requirements

If you’re an individual who’s looking for a corporation our alliance has various member corps actively seeking members. We will work with you and our member CEOs to find you the perfect match based on your play style.

The requirements are:

  1. Must consent to the chosen corporation’s recruitment process
  2. Must consent to background checks (if applicable)
  3. Must use Discord

If you have any questions or wish to join, feel free to reach out to me in this thread or message me in-game! I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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