Rogue Analysis Baiting - BIG PROFIT!

I am currently watching a Snuffed Out PNI (Phoenix Navy Issue) Dreadnaught, sitting on a Rogue Analysis Beacon in Fliet. For the last 20 minutes or so the PNI has been taking out Rogue NPC’s worth between 3 to 6 million ISK each, the recent wave of three Rogue drones netted the pilot, Enthargo Solette, approx. 13 mil ISK for one minutes worth of combat.

With the numerous amount of wrecks around the PNI, I can only assume Enthargo has made about 2 billion ISK. Granted the Snuffed Out PNI probably has a cyno dropper close by, maybe not given the volume of wrecks around the PNI, the PNI is a juicy target as well as a nice platform to make uncontested ISK in the faction warfare zone for your militia.

So you scouted a juicy target. Why you telling us about it, Dry? Go get em.


I’m sure the Snuffed Out dred is completely unprepared for any attack and should be an easy kill. Those guys never escalate. Go get him man


Still running the presumptive script of assuming?

I was merely posting an event that I had never seen before to get more Capsuleers interested in such content.

Ya’ll be hanging around the nuclear waste water to much.

Man, you must be new to lowsec, krabbing Snuff dreads are in every other system, every day. And no, you can’t kill one before the Faxes arrive on grid, with the Titan fleet on standby.

Ok, not fully true, I think you need about 100+ torpedo bombers to pull it off. Remember there are no bombs in lowsec.

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I have never witnessed crabbing in Low Sec. Not having bombs in Low Sec is a terrible thing.

Just a guess but I imagine bombs are probably banned in low sec not so much for the gameplay implications but rather for server performance reasons. Crimewatch is still a thing in a low sec and bombs have the potential to create an overwhelming amount of limited engagements, suspects, criminals, etc.

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