Rogue Swarm Alert HUH?

So I noticed the RSA in the agency window. Tried clicking on various things in the mini window, but nothing really showed any info on where or what to do, just reward skins windows kept popping up, so I moved on to something else.

Then I undocked a saw a beacon, so I warped to it, saw something, dont remember what it was, started shooting at it, then Concord showed up and exploded me, now I’m losing standings.

So, um, huh???

Edit: So it looks like I have to hack?
Not much info from the agency window, or am I missing something?

the only thing you can shoot is the NPC drones. Just shoot the red stuff in your default overview. Shoot any other and get ready for concord.

You need data analyzer and salvager to clear the site and doing all the challenge. If you doing it solo, from 4 challenge in neocom menu, you can only finish one of them without data analyzer.

Though, I have seen people run around with Catalyst insta popping the drones without clearing the site and jump around many systems doing it again and again. Maybe a viable tactic just to get the skins?

You should be set to green in high sec.
You need to hack the container to spawn the BS.
Whoever does the most damage gets the loot (unless someone else steals it) the BS salvage is drone parts for manufacturing the drone BPCs.
You need to kill the BS within 10 or so minutes of the site spawning or it will warp off.

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Yea, after hunting through the forums, it’s getting clearer. I was just wondering, as the agency window had no objectives or info as to what’s going on. Usually it gives a little heads up on what to do or where to go, (kinda like the resource war info) then I figure it out from there, I wasn’t sure what I was missing.


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