Roid placement

I’m fairly certain the number of roids per belt (e.g. colossal, enormous, etc.) is fixed but is the asteroid placement the same as well, i.e. if I warp to a specific rock in one colossal, can I warp to the same one on the next colossal and will the other rocks be in the same place?

No you can’t, while the total number of rocks and total m³ in each type of belts are fixed, their placement on the field is not; nor does the belts spawn in the exact same coordinates in the system. If you want to keep the belt in same position you’d have to leave a single rock behind during downtime; that way the entire belt will be refreshed when you log back in and in the same location.

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Not quite true.

For asteroid anomalies, the placement is the same. At least for the system I mine in. The medium asteroid belt always has the same roid placement.

So, as far as I am aware, within anomalies, yes. They are the same.

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