Rolling RNG Ship bonuses?

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If @ccp are moving forward with this, “making a true sandbox experience” I would like to see this mechanic been applied to ship bonuses as well.

I feel like these new RNG mods are going to take a lot of the skill away from the game (The guys with the better mods wins) A lame chess reference - You know the moves that the queen can make, yet the variables are immense but not infinite.

If somehow we could know that a specific ship has these mods on them that would fix this problem, “the best mods wins.”

This leads me to my thread topic. If we could introduce a plasmid that roles the bonuses of ships and have the new bonuses display on their (show info) I think that would fall in line with CCP’s vision. Obviously, you couldn’t have punisher suddenly get shield bonuses, but you could role the already existing ones.

Some of you are not happy with these changes but, I think this vision is here to stay. Although this would clearly make some ships OP, it kinda goes hand in hand with the feeling people have with the RNG mod Plasmids been overpowered and game breaking. If CCP want a true sandbox then why not everything?

Bring on the hate :'D

I can tell from this sentence alone that you’re bad at pvp.


That isn’t the case now so why would it become the case?

Without knowing the final numbers or drop rates you’re just moaning about some nightmare you’re imagining

I mean when you look at it unless you’re risking an extremely high end mod none of the numbers exceeded what is already available

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