Rolling Thunder - New Update on 22 Sep


We have just published a short news item about upcoming balance changes to EDENCOM ships and daily login rewards that will be available for you from 25 - 27 September. The changes will be available on our Singularity Test Server momentarily, but for your convenience, I am also adding them below.

We would love to hear your thoughts on this before the changes hit Tranquility next week!


DED LP Offers for all EDENCOM items have had LP cost reduced by 90%

Damage reduction factor down for all weapon sizes (this means mitigation from target speed plays a smaller role):

  • Frig → 0.6 to 0.4
  • Cruiser → 0.65 to 0.5
  • Battleship → 0.82 to 0.7

Damage increase to all Small and Medium Condenser Packs for Vorton Projectors. (Tech 1 and Tech 2)

  • Small Condenser Pack damages have been increased by 20%
  • Medium Condenser Pack damages have been increased by 20%

Optimal Range increased for all Small Vorton Projectors by 30%

Black Ops

All Black Ops have had their Fuel Bay capacity increased from 1250 to 2150

Black Ops have had their base resists increased by the following amounts:


Shield Resistances

  • Therm - From 20% to 35%
  • Kin - From 50% to 64%

Armor Resistances

  • Therm - From 35% to 47%
  • Kin - From 45% to 60%


Shield Resistances

  • Kin - From 43% to 53%
  • Exp - From 55% to 68%

Armor Resistances

  • Kin - From 29% to 41%
  • Exp - From 28% to 49%


Shield Resistances

  • EM - From 10% to 37%
  • Therm - From 24% to 37%

Armor Resistances

  • EM - From 64% to 75%
  • Therm - From 38% to 49%


Shield Resistances

  • Therm - From 30% to 50%
  • Kin - From 40% to 51%

Armor Resistances

  • Therm - From 55% to 67%
  • Kin - From 25% to 39%


Shield Resistances

  • EM - From 33% to 40%
  • Therm - From 33% to 40%
  • Kin - From 33% to 40%
  • Exp - From 33% to 40%

Armor Resistances

  • EM - From 33% to 40%
  • Therm - From 33% to 40%
  • Kin - From 33% to 40%
  • Exp - From 33% to 40%

Force Auxiliaries


7.5% bonus to shield booster amount becomes 7.5% bonus to shield booster amount and cap booster amount


7.5% bonus to armor repair amount becomes 7.5% bonus to armor repair amount and cap booster amount



Those edencom ships really needed a rebalance ty!


Seems like they didn’t test these ships enough if they just got into the game and they already are getting a buff.




is the sin shield explosive buff intended?

Nerd learn to pvp first

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Now they’ve actually tried to use them.

Guys, you know this isn’t going to make people more willing to actually throw 2b ISK BlOps into combat, right? They’ll gank when they can, and they’ll drop fleets of bombers on people, but they’re not going to be risked stupidly just because their resists got better. That’s not how people work.


The Black Ops changes are looking good. I can’t wait to see that on Singularity and fiddle with the fits.

For the Vorton Projector, I was hoping the damage that lightning rod would rather do different damage, split by the amount of split beams.

For example the Thunderchild would do 10.000hp damage to one target or 5000 to two targets, 3333hp to 3 targets, 2500hp damage to 4 targets and 2000 to 5 targets.

That would have been more in line to the almost balanced triglavian ships.


No it isn’t, this is my bad skills at writing the changes down :slight_smile: Thanks for spotting that.
We’ll update the post. The Sin just has changes to Thermal and Kinetic shield/armor resistances.


Quoting this and add that is the price of the hull without any modules on.

I for one won’t be flying those 4-5 billion isk gank-mails unless they drop in price considerably.


blops hulls are about 1b even, for a shitfit you can do 3bil, up to 10b w highgrades, blops arent meant for poors theyre very much meant for ganking… and this resist buff its p huge imo, allows gives so much more ehp/s active tank you can be confident vs 2 escal rattles now

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Vorton ammo blueprints need to produce considerably more ammo per run. Currently costs about 2x as much to shoot the frigates gun as it does to fire dreadnought ammo.

Damage reduction factor change is “nice”, but does not fix the issue of vortons have no application modules. Or actual role bonuses - Triglavian ships have four role bonuses outside of their skill related ones, edencom ships have only the ship related ones.


trig nerfs when


So when is trig guns getting their needed 80% nerf to tracking btw.


Now all CCP has to do is create a new module that allows (Black-Ops) warping whilst cloaked but burns a cap charge once warp has been initiated.

i.e. It works like a normal cloak until you initiate warp, then it uses the charge to remain cloakedand has to be reloaded with a charge to make it function again.


thinking about incoming changes for ESS

I see what you are up to.


its about damn time the Ninazu and Lif got some love. I saw a Ninazu undocked the other day and I seriously told myself “oh i hope he’s not self-destructing” lol


Very good, thank you !

Buff is always better than a nerf \o/

But i didn’t even had a chance to test these new vorton guns cuz there’s simply no essential skillbooks for them at the market(for a reasonably prices):

Vorton Arc Extension
Vorton Arc Guidance
Vorton Power Amplification

There are just a few skillbooks at 1.6 - 5b and good luck for the sellers to find a buyer :rofl: No way i would pay for it as much as for the titan skillbook.

CCP - maybe you should seed the books first and then see if they’re used?