Rookie Help chat needs moderation


There are hypernet scammers spamming the Rookie Help channel.

We need moderators there asap.


Rookie Help is a worthless channel and they should just delete it.


Add an option “mute hypernet” and any chat comment with a hypernet link is hidden!


Right click name, block.

Easy way to unlock a pleasant Jita local chat.

Rookie Help is fine how it is. We could always use more helpers, but it is a thankless job. I do it to practice patience and being useful against all odds.

More mods? Yeah, we need more slow, long-form answers to simple questions like we need spammers. If anything, mods on that channel could stand to be more authoritative instead of buddy-buddy.

@ISD_Hazard is my fav. @ISD_Thalack_Dalhar is second place. @ISD_Cthulhu now in third.

OP can also help by encouraging rookies to help themselves instead of appealing to authority to fix problems for them.

Hello! If you feel the Help Channels could use more help, I recommend filling out an application to STAR over at This will allow you to help moderate those channels better. Thank you.

Unfortunately, they make new accounts…

…and you have a limit to how many names you can block.

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Now that, I didn’t know!

Sad they can make new accounts and I could care less, since blocking spammers is a reflex by now.

I am able to disable the use of hypernet on my account. I should also be able to enable your suggestion:

I will be there to sign the petition.


Rookie Help has an excellent moderation function…its called ‘block’.

Absolutely agree.

I love the power of Ignore :smiley:

If anyone’s actually reached that limit it probably says more about them than it does about spammers.

Wait, I’m in second place? this is unacceptable!

That said. If you ever see situations like that, and there are no ISD around, a GM ticket will also help. The GM team will either deal with it themselves, or notify ISD to take care of it.

If I recall correctly your contact list has a limit which includes blocked characters as they count as a contact list entry (you can look up blocked users in the peoples and places screen as well to unblock them for example) thus if someone has a lot of contacts (not blocked characters) then they might not have too much space left for blocked contacts which is made worse by the fact career spammers tend to create a new alt on a daily basis to can spam even more despite being constantly blocked.

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Won’t happen, hypernets make CCP real life cash, so they won’t give you an easy option to block them

Removed an inappropriate post.

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