Rorq/Carrier/Fax/JF Pilot

(KC Kamikaze) #1

Eveboard pass is rorqual - Rorq, JF, Carrier, T2 Triage, JDC V
56m SP
Cap Industrial Ships IV
Indy Reconfig V
Mining Drone Spec IV

(Cody Onesk) #2

Confirming I am available for sale. Direct in game inquiries to KC Kamikaze.

If you choose the buyout of 49b go ahead and send the isk and account details and post it here. I will start the transfer as soon as I get notification.

(Cor'El Dahken) #3


(KC Kamikaze) #4

He has a base market value of 102 skill injectors.

102 skill extractors @ jita sell: 39b
102 large skill injectors @ jita buy: 81.4b

injector profit: 42.4b if i wanted to be as lazy as possible buying extractors off sell orders and selling injectors on buy orders so I won’t be considering offers under 43b.

(Gattanera) #5

44 bil

(KC Kamikaze) #6

44bil current highest bid. Anyone else? Planning to sell within the next 24 hours.

(KC Kamikaze) #7

In game offer accepted. Character no longer for sale.

(Melons Trader) #8

Isk sent awaiting transfer notification

(KC Kamikaze) #9

Transfer started. Enjoy o7

(Melons Trader) #10

Transfer email received from
thanks o7

(system) #11

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