Rorq/industry char 28m sp indy 2, CIS 5
pw: 123

HIGHLIGHTS: Indy core 2, CIS 5, decent drone skills, JDC 5, 10 slots of industry and capital ship con 3

34b insta buy out, bids start at 20b my discretion if I accept or not. positive balance, it is in an NPC station, in NPC corp, (just transfered, give it time to update) positive sec status.

Any questions please ask.

20 bil

21bil offer

Daily bump

22B rdy.

23 bil

25bil offer

Daily bump

Daily bump, going to accept an offer tuesday USTZ

Right now you’re the runner up, bidding will close tuesday USTZ

last day on auction, highest bid is 25b from ianking ambramotte

26b offer

last bump, closing at 1000 US central

Bid accepted for 26b, from Kryptanite please send to Mule Too and eve mail the credentials to transfer to.

sorry it took so long to send the isk/credentials … I just got out of the longest day of work i’ve had in a long time… Isk sent and evemail sent with credentials :slight_smile:

All good, isk received and transfer initiated.

Character received, pleasure mate

Likewise, enjoy.

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