WTS 51.3m SP Focused Rorq/Industrialist char

As per title, selling myself. Amazing rorq pilot + allround indy char. Perfect for starting/expanding your mining and industrial empire!

Char details can be found here: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Icarus67

Char location: hisec
Wallet: positive
Remaps: 1
No killrights

Start bid: 50bil
Buyout: 54bil

Still for sale!


shell we?

Thank you for the bid, however I would like to get a slightly higher offer. Make that 55bil and we have a deal.

Refreshing the topic, still looking for the offers

Buyout lowered to 54bil

Still for sale!


Still for sale?

@Kobeshane_Ha - Offer accepted, feel free to send isk and account details so I can start the transfer.

@Jengo_Lazair - If I don’t receive ISK from Kobeshane in the next 24h, char is again on the market.

52.5B …

Just saw your reply.
Will send that to u in the next few hours


Isk and info sent

Thanks, received, started the char transfer.

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