Sold char

Perfect Rorq pilot for sale. Highlights include:

Cap Indy Ship: 5
Core: 5
JDC: 5
Cybernetics: 5
Perfect drone skills

No kill rights, positive wallet, located in HS

Starting Bid: 45 bil

Transfer is via PLEX
Auction ends 2/30

46B buy out

bid noted

will offer 50b buyout if you can close today.

50b is around what I was looking for, I will close at 01:00

@Mar0vinchian bid accepted waiting isk and account info

isk and mail with account name sent to fat sloth, please transfer as soon as possible.


If the transaction continues, I’d like to pay 51B. I’ll transfer the money after work.

isk received and petition made. REQUEST #865106

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