Rorqual Boosts not applying to Skiffs in Fleet

I noticed this Saturday 7th Apr, the boosts from my Rorqual with the Implant are no longer showing up on the Skiffs. I thought this might be a osc thing so i docked up logged out rebooted and set my fleet up same as always. No joy cycle time mining lasers is 145 where it is normally 62.5. I logged on Sunday, same thing sent in a bug report. Logged on today, same thing. So this is broke af. I also noticed that when I hover over the icon on the skiff that shows what boosts are being applied. The mining boost that affects cycle time was not showing up. Script was in the rorqual and that boost.burst was being sent out.

  1. Are they even in the same fleet?
  2. Are they even within range of the rorqual? (remember, if the core isnt on, the range is a LOT shorter)

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