Rorqual Clone Vat Bay not working?

I haven’t used a Rorqual clone vat bay for a few years now. For some reason a neutral alt which has a clone installed in the Rorqual will not allow a jump to the Rorqual. Yes the clone vat bay is active and the alt is in fleet with the Rorqual pilot. I right clicked on the hud no place to jump to, right clicked on the name of the rorqual pilot, no option to jump to; pulled up the character sheet, went to jump clones, the jump link was dimmed and could not be selected. Please help me to EVE better.

Does the rorq need to be in it’s ‘industrial mode’ to allow the jump (i.e. stuck in space unable to move)?

Edit: This is probably more useful than my guess work:


That wiki helped. the character needed to be docked and then jump from a station to the rorq. so as to leave a clone behind. Thanks for the link.

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