Rorqual Docking

Docking a Rorqual in athanors, the azbels and the tatara really shold have been a logical choice when implementing these structures in the first place. Please work towards getting that to become a reallity.

Tatara has docking facilities for subcapital ships, freighters, and capital industrial ships - aka Rorqual.

The reason you can’t dock Rorqual at the Azbel, or any medium structure is a deliberate gameplay choice - at 14,500,000 m3 volume, Rorqual is smaller than any of the freighters that can dock at those structures.

Taking aside me mistakenly including the Tatara in my post, it really still would make a lot of sense to be able to dock them in the Azbels and the Athanors :slight_smile: Despite of what game mechanics CCP have incurred upon those structures.


The rorqual is a square peg going into a round hole. In this instance it fits because square pegs that are small do fit into round holes that are big.

The rorqual is the wrong size for where it can dock. Adjusting the size to be greater than a freighter, especially since the ore hold bonus now goes to 350,000 m^3 seems the perfect way to right-size it to being a square peg that no longer looks like it fits in round holes.

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