Rorqual Pilot

Excavator Drones

Positive Wallets

Positive sec status

No kill rights

10b Start

Still Availiable


Do you have a time limit for sale?

Thursday 12th unless a buyout that i like is offered

Core skill 4, drone interfacing 0, ship skill 3.
I’m not sure if this toon worth 10b…


10.5b isk is ready.

edited because of new offer

Nice. Please wait for a while , let me create a new account .

11B ······

higher offer made by Asahina shall wait 10mins see if doctor would like to counter if not its yours

transfer will be done with cash and not plex

I am using the translator’s new account number is OMEGA?

isk is sent to Caorthannach Gruffydd as per the rules of character sales along with account name

i will then transfer to the account name you provide

Does this belong to me? 11B

Yes when server is up please send the isk to this character and a mail with the account name you want the character transfered to


Does ISK give the Caootannach Gruffydd account?

Isk Received

please mail the account name to the same character

Still waiting on account name you need to send me the account name of yours that you want me to send the toon to

Account Name Received

Toon Transfer Initiated