Rots Mijnwerker for CSM 18

There is something fun about this.

Yeah me too, thus my question about the Corporation UI, to me that’s sort of where it all starts. I think that the projects stuff is a good addition but that the feature needs more work and I think that the Homefront sites are a helpful addition for corporations to introduce their newer members to combat scenarios. Some great suggestions have been made by @Kshal_Aideron regarding fleet planning that really speak to building and supporting community play.

Do you not consider bombs, smart bombs, the arcing vorton projector to be AOE type weapons?

Yes, I’d love to see this for structures as well.
I’d almost put it behind a skill wall, call it the schematics skill and as you level into it you gain access to or knowledge of more comprehensive, ship, structure, module, resource etc, tech trees. Players will argue against putting it behind a skill wall but I like the idea that it becomes a commitment that not everybody is willing to make. besides that it’s knowledge more attuned to industry players than PVP’s etc and that makes skilling into that choice more thematic. I also like that there might exist these really useful elements in the game that you don’t necessarily have access to because they’re associated with a career choice that you haven’t made. And I also like that if or when you do decide to skill into that, there’s something new there (in EVE) that you haven’t personally experienced yet.

great idea, @Grima_The_Mad mentioned exploration missions. There’s definitely opportunities here to further develop players introduction to potential career choices.

I really enjoyed reading your answers to this question. As I mentioned above I believe that the corporation is the nexus of the eve experience and that being a member of a corporation should feel like an interactive experience at every level of responsibility. Your suggestions are for me, just the tip of the ice-berg, but they definitely lean in the direction that I would like to see the game develop toward.

Yes, just like in real life.

Thanks for your answers they have been great to read.

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@Rots_Mijnwerker Love your idea. In addition to this, pirates (like diamond rats) could raid systems and attack structures frequently. Distance from the capital and lower ADMs equal more organized raids with pirate logi, capitals, entosis pirates, etc (and almost no loot or maybe only get evermarks/skins/skillpoints from the experience). Alliances controlling only one constellation will experience raids only once per week during the vulnerability time of their structure setting. Raids will progressively increase in frequency, strength, and tactics for alliances holding more than one constellation. Imagine a Pirate Titan with substantial subcap support dropping on your outskirts or low ADM system and you have to counter it with a large fleet or a few capitals (pvp opportunity for enemy blops/bridges if they are aware). For Alliances owning SOV of more than one region, pirate raids will also occur outside the vulnerability window, and pirates may resort to raiding while large capsuleer fleets have left the region for pvp. Hope this helps someday.

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