Royal 4X - New WH Corp is filling their Ranks

Hello Fellow Capsuleers.
Royal 4X Corp is recruiting.
We are a new formed Corp out of people who got bored from being Carebears.
With little experience we decided to dive into Wormhole life and did not regret it at any seceond.

We are currently recruiting Mates to our smal tight knit community who like to get into the hole for mostly PvE, we do PvP mostly for home defense or whenever we bump into a fight.
What we offer:

  1. WH with good PI
  2. TS³ for voice comms and Discord for out of game pings
  3. Pathfinder
  4. A great social Community
  5. A mix of Vets and NewBros

What we are looking for:

  1. People who are on comms
  2. People who are active
  3. Omega required
  4. No SP requirement

everybody is welcome no matter if if you are a fresh player who just finished the carreer agents or a Vet we all can learn from.

If you are interested convo Misha Mikakka Ingame, join our Public or hop on discord.

bump :slight_smile:

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