Rule Violation again

Whatever happaned,

make sure to always Screenshot the action as good as you can. When they tackle you outside of M-O as you say then make a Screenshot of it. At the second ppl break the rules, you want to have something to prove what you say…
Atm for someone who hasnt been there, it might look like, you were killed in M-O and nothing happaned outside of that ye know? Cause you got nothing to show us.
No offense, just saying how it is :wink:

CCP usualy does not answer or they need a while to respond. Dont expect something in the next days imo…

Yeah hindsight is always 20/20. I should have expected that but did not for some reason. I blame it on being really late at night after 1am. And I do have chat logs that I sent over to CCP for the ticket I created but like I have said they told me to come here and that they could not help me via a ticket. So they have an time frame and logs if they were to ever bother to look but I guess this is not important enough for them to actually deal with it. But an simple acknowledgment would be nice at least to say hey we are reading these so we would not waste time creating them and dealing with the EVE-O trolls that come with it.

Fixed that for you. Did you get a sandectomy yet? :sob: :hourglass_flowing_sand:

I don’t see you reporting your butt buddies:

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