Rule violation reporting

(Molly Duma) #1

Triple Neutron Blaster Cannon II has been sold out and player Mefc Ipret is re-selling them for 500 Mill.


(Molly Duma) #2

Pilot Montikk montys agresses on station, starts Nos-ing my Curse then puts drones on my vehements.

(Molly Duma) #3

Player Stas2004 Athonille is agressing on station


(Rockette) #4

I am SICK and TIRED OF players breaking the simple rules on the test server

You sit in a station taking the time to fit the ship undock and have it all wasted
it is time you took control over these people.

Show us all CCP you take them seriously at all.

Rock OUT.

(Molly Duma) #5

if u want i can replace you’re Pala fit with full Faction/Deadspace of the best module types(A & X-Type), reply to this if you want me to and i shall contract you all the mods, i’ll gladly do that for you

(elitatwo) #6

Oh look, how almost original. Yet another dredddh and zee carrior with zee fighters, fighting for zee imbecile teenagers of today.