Rules and Resources of the Intergalatic Summit

Greetings Capsuleer!

Welcome to the Intergalactic Summit. The Summit is a unique section of the EVE Online forums. It is a place for Role players and in character posting. This post is designed to give a brief over view of the rules of the forums and some of the “Do’s and Dont’s” to help you in your journey within the role playing community of EVE Online.


  1. All posts within the Intergalactic Summit (IGS) are what is called In Character(IC). You are speaking as YOUR character within the EVE Universe. This means any Out of Game references like mentioning CCP, Game mechanics or other topics that only you as a person not as a character within a game would know.

  2. Out of Character content ( Or OOC ) Is not authorized within the IGS. This includes responding to OOC content.

  3. Follow the rules of the EVE Online forums which can be found here. EVE Online, including the forums are rated for PEGI-13

When it comes to avoiding the mistakes that could be seen as OOC posting, here are some suggestions on what you should NOT say within the IGS. The points below do not cover all of the content that should not be used. A general rule of thumb is to speak as if you are your character within the game. Not as a person behind the keyboard playing the game.

  1. Using terminology like “CCP”, “patches”, “servers”, “balancing of NPCs” or other game development issues that characters who do not know they are in a game would know nothing about
  2. Talking about “players” and “NPCs” instead of “independent capsuleers” and “the navy”, or similar
  3. Any mention of the EVE Universe as a game or program.


Roleplay is Primary Discord for Roleplayers - Third party controlled
Elsebeth Rhiannons ‘So you want to get into roleplay?’
EVE LORE FAQ and Lore Resources Megathread
The Eve Online World news
The Eve Online Player Fiction

What to do when you come across a suspected OOC post within the IGS.

Do NOT respond to it. Talking OOC In response to another person OOC’s content will only spawn more and it has the ability to completely derail posts. Flag the post under “Something Else” and write in the reason as to why you believe it to be containing OOC content. You are encouraged to respond to the message as IC or even contact them in game or send a PM.

As a final note all moderation action within the IGS will be done In Character with Commander Alexandre Arthie of CONCORD. This character has the same voice and authority as ISD Moderators of the EVE Online Forums. That character will post in this thread so you will be able to see what he looks like.

Above all, enjoy your stay within the IGS. It is okay to make mistakes as you will be gently corrected. The EVE Universe and Lore is a incredibly complex beast that is always changing so mistakes are expected. All that is expected from you is to learn and create content that you and others will enjoy.

Good luck, Capsuleer!

~ISD Buldath
Community Communication Liaison
Team lead
Edit 09/01 -Added RIP Discord information


Greetings Capsuleers,

I am Commander Alexandre Arthie of the Directive Enforcement Department of CONCORD. One of my major responsibilities is to over see the security and organization of the Intergalactic Summit. Please be sure to follow the rules of the Summit and everything will go smoothly.

Thank you,

~Alexandre Arthie

Alexandre Arthie,
Directive Enforcement Department
CONCORD Assembly