Rules Violation SISI

We had some NC. pilots drop capital ships on us in FD-MLJ on Singularity while we were engaged in tournament practice with another Anger Games team. FD-MLJ is a non-combat system on SISI and we had not agreed to combat with the pilots in question. Pilots and (ships)
cryofdoom (Erebus)
mia isyllt (Hel)
Funli arji (Nyx)
viktor andven (Nyx)
ngu razaq (Onyx)

All other pilots were engaged in tournament practice. The NC. pilots did some or all kill damage to the following Uni pilots (with killmail time):
Breeze One (20171028 19:56)
Tiberius Auduin (20171028 19:57)
Biwako Acami (21071028 19:57)
James Krividus (20171028 19:56)
Tiberius Auduin (20171028 19:57)

They also killed a pilot from our training opponent:
Tek Stalker (20171028 19:55)

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Nobody cares.

this is true no one cares copy ships back over and be done with it

Confirmed by OP, there is no rules enforcement on SISI. Do whatever you want with no consequences!

i got my orca ganked at moon on planet 1. died to navy vexor

rule enforcement on sisi DIOES NOT EXSIST,players are most likely on their own to bring justice

Open tickets on tranquility and repeatedly bother CCP, we have had them ban those responsible before.

The short minded individuals in here won’t like that, but if you make enough noise you’ll get them removed until at least the next mirror.

Apparently you care enough to post here.

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