Non-Consented kill in FD-MLJ
As he says, He killed me without consent because someone in my alliance did the same before in sisi.
Okay, so now an eye for an eye is official in SISI XD ?
It’s notable My test was heavily prevented due to his action by PVP timer. It doesn’t allow me to use moveme.

Sisi is totally chaos as CCP doesn’t care about the test servers rules.
So many jerks are in the test server to prevent others tests and are even making fun of testers.

bug reports are WORKING. just report the offender this way,provide screenshot of killmail/agressors on hot and post EBR when you see ISD in channel.

remember CCP/ISD dont read sisi complains on forum and ISD guys dont have permission to browse forums at all. bughunter is hughunter thats all,but they can help with rule-breaks… posting your river of tears on forums will NOT WORK, use bugreport system instead.

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Thanks. Didn’t know it works on bugreport.
I had once reported test server breaching to support but GM told me to post on test forum.
Well anyway I’ll try that way.

the GMs have outdated informations since sisi ISD are not allowed to use eve forums at all,

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